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Prémiový herný monitor Philips je ideálnou voľbou pre hráčov a ambicióznych nadšencov, ktorí uprednostňujú bezchybný obraz, vynikajúcu technickú kvalitu a najmodernejší herný ­zážitok. Vychutnajte si luxusné hranie s farebným displejom QD OLED, neuveriteľnou certifikáciou DisplayHDR TrueBlack 400 a vynikajúcimi reproduktormi DTS Sound. Panel QD OLED v kombinácii so zakrivením1800R a pomerom strán 32:9 ­SuperWide poskytuje hráčovi vysokú kvalitu a pohlcujúci zážitok. Obnovovacia frekvencia až 144 Hz umožňuje rýchlejšie zasiahnuť ciele so zaručeným čistým obrazom.

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MMOexp: the rating of 89 is that the Dutch monster is one of the top defenders in football reakcia na: PHILIPS EVNIA 49M2C8900L

4.7.2024 10:07

A no-brainer for sure, the rating of 89 is that the Dutch monster is one of the top defenders in football. And his statistics on FC 24 reflect this. As imposing on the ground as anyone and his speed, strength and defensive posture ensure that every attack is ripped to pieces around him. Speed of 88 sprints and strong 92 make VVD an athletic freak with 90 interceptions. defensive awareness of 92 along with 92 standing tackle indicate VVD is an expert at reading the game and could walk into any team.

Alongside Van Dijk at the back Van Dijk is joined by Joe Gomez. While boasting a lower score over Joel Matip, Gomez has an impressive pace, with an 85 sprint speed. This means that he's able to keep up with strikers who are fast and can track the deadly central runs. While he boasts average defensive statistics however, his speed alone can get him in the team ahead of Matip who is too slow to play in such a fast-paced game such as FC 24.

The final player to be defended the defense is Trent Alexander-Arnold. The 18-year-old Englishman is a master of passing and his 92 cross-field with 90 long passing statistics make it possible for him to pick massive long balls and score lots of assists. Although not the fastest fullback, with only a speed of 78. Trent makes up for the slowness in his overall ability and similar to Robertson to the opposite side his versatility and speed of thought as well as the speed of his attack highlight the efficiency of his game in the forward direction.

In the midfield, starting off is a player that could easily be a center-back should it be needed. With defensive statistics such as the 88 interception rate and 86 defense awareness the Brazilian can break up attacks and guard the back line without difficulties. Physically, his stamina of 88 is essential as he'll be able to do a lot of work perform defensively. However, his strong passing also allows him to shoot balls forward and create attacks, and his high work rate defensively ensures he can return whenever needed.
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